Harper Travelyen

Combat-addicted Mercenary


Aspects: Battle Hungry Thrill-Seeker, Addicted to Combat, Survivor in a Pinch, “My pride gets the best of me.”, Kazuki is the only one I truly trust

Great (+ 4) Shoot
Good (+ 3) Fight and Will
Fair (+ 2) Athletics, Crafts, and Physique
Average (+ 1) Contacts, Notice, Provoke, and Resources

Stunts: Uncanny Accuracy. Once per scene, Harper may stack an additional free invoke on an aspect he creates on a target that represents aiming or lining the target up. Heavy Hitter. When Harper succeeds with style on a Fight attack and chooses to reduce the result by one to get a boost, he instead gets a full aspect with a free invocation instead. Called Shot. During a shoot attack, Harper can spend a fate point and declare a specific condition he wishes to inflict on the target (as an aspect) in addition to dealing stress.

Physical 3, Mental 4

Refresh: 1

Dust Willow

Class: Long-Range Hydra-Arms Frame
Flaw: Heavy and Cumbersone

Great (+ 4): Armament
Good (+ 3): Frame
Fair (+ 2): Maneuverability
Average (+ 1): Systems

Stunts: Willow Missile System. Once per scene Dust Willow may launch a flurry of missiles that strikes all targets in a zone with a Shoot attack from its pilot. Redundant Weapons Systems. If an enemy attempts to place a Disarmed or similar aspect on Dust Willow, its pilot may spend a fate point to declare that they’re activating their backup weapons systems, ignoring the aspect. Proximity Alert. Dust Willow may always make a Systems check to detect nearby enemies, even if they are cloaked or otherwise disguised. Heavy Armor. Dust Willow’s Frame counts as two higher for determining Integrity.

Integrity: 2, plus bonus mild consequence


Harper Travelyen

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