Nekross Warrior
Aspects: Nekross Warrior, Bloodthirsty
Skills: Fair (+ 2): Fight, Average (+ 1) Shoot
Stress: 1

Nekross Ace
Aspects: Nekross Warrior, Bloodthirsty
Skills: Good (+ 3): Fight, Fair (+ 2): Shoot, Average (+ 1): Notice
Stress: 2

Pale Rider Pilot
Aspects: Nekross Champion, Undying
Skills: Good (+ 3): Fight and Athletics, Fair (+ 2): Notice and Shoot, Average (+ 1): Physique and Will
Stunts: Fearless. Pale Riders gain + 2 on Will rolls made to resist fear. Entombed Remains. Pale Riders are little more than corpses with their spirits bound to their Warframes. They are essentially one with the machines and can never interact with with the outside world without using the systems available to them.
Stress: 2 (Bonus: Physical 1, Mental 1)


Nekross warframes are faster and more heavily armed than standard ‘frames or even the Imperium’s Legionarre ’frames. However, Nekross are so bloodthirsty that they have little time to maintain their mechs.

Class: Repurposed Dervish-Class Warframe
Flaw: Overtaxed Systems

Good (+ 3) Maneuverability
Fair (+ 2) Armaments
Average (+ 1) Frame
Mediocre (+ 0) Systems

Integrity: 1
Pale Rider

Class: Sarcophagus-Class Advanced Warframe
Flaw: Slow and Methodical

Great (+ 4) Systems
Good (+ 3) Maneuverability
Fair (+ 2) Armament
Average (+ 1) Frame

Stunts: Ghost in the Machine. Pale Riders are the spirits of elite, bloodthirsty warriors bound to their warframes. Because of this the will of the rider can overcome damage to various systems. Mechanically, this mech’s Frame is considered two higher for determining Integrity. Unstoppable Terror. The Pale Riders are the reason the Nekross are so feared by their enemies. Once per scene, when a Pale Rider destroys another warframe or some sizably large landmark, they can place an aspect on all victims in the scene related to fear.

Integrity: 2


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