Katsuo Kurasawa

Major in the 3rd Imperial Legion


Aspects: Talented Imperial Officer, “I must maintain my Face above all else.”, Honor is Stronger than Steel

Superb (+ 5): Athletics
Great (+ 4): Fight and Lore
Good (+ 3): Will and Physique
Fair (+ 2): Contacts, Rapport, and Resources
Average (+ 1): Empathy, Investigate, Notice, and Shoort

Tactical Mind. When rolling Lore to place an aspect on a battle that is tactical in nature, Katsuo gains + 2 to the roll. Iron Will When calculating Mental Stress, Katsuo counts his Will counts as two levels higher. Killer Stroke Once per scene, Katsuo can spend a Fate point to upgrade the severity of a consequence he deals to an opponent by one step.

Physical 4, Mental 4 (With extra Minor Consequence)

Refresh: 3



Class: Modified, Heirloom Shogun Warframe
Flaw: Quirky

Great (+ 4): Maneuverability
Good (+ 3): Systems
Fair (+ 2): Frame
Average (+ 1): Armament

Heavy Armor. Mirumoto’s Frame is treated as two higher for the purpose of determining Integrity.
Double Blades Dervish Mirumoto’s pilot may choose to spend a Fate point to make a melee attack roll effect every enemy in the same zone.
Speed of the Oni Mirumoto is equipped with powerful engines that can give great bursts of speed. When in a contest of speed, Mirumoto automatically wins all ties.

Integrity: 2


Katsuo Kurasawa

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