Kazuki Kurasawa

Talented young Warframe pilot


Aspects: Young Warframe Pilot, Chased by the Imperium, “I despise the Impierium.”, Thrives Under Pressure, Tactical Prodigy

Great (+ 4) Athletics
Good (+ 3) Fight and Lore
Fair (+ 2) Crafts, Physique, and Shoot
Average (+ 1) Empathy, Investigate, Notice, and Will

Stunts: I’ve Read About That. Once per scene, Kazuki can spend a fate point to roll Lore in place of another skill. Indomitable. Kazuki gains + 2 on rolls to resist intimidation and fear. Killing Stroke. Once per scene, Kazuki can spend a fate point to increase the severity of a consequence he deals to an enemy.


Physical 3, Mental 3


Class: Zeta-Class Striker
Flaw: Flawed Targeting System

Great (+ 4) Maneuverability
Good (+ 3) Frame
Fair (+ 2) Armament
Average (+ 1) Systems

Stunts: Riposte. When succeeding with style on a Fight defense, Musashi’s pilot may choose to deal a two stress integrity hit instead of gain a boost. Heavy Armor. Musashi’s Frame is considered two higher for the purpose of determining its Integrity. Aerial Maneuverability. When flying (either within the atmosphere or in space), Musashi’s pilot gains a + 2 on Athletics rolls when trying to outmaneuver a foe.

Integrity 2, bonus mild consequence.


Kazuki Kurasawa

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