Lady Scythe

Merciless Nekross Commander


Merciless Nekross Commander, Prideful, “I hold no love for the Imperium; they just pay my bills.”, Loyal to Her Soldiers, Beautiful but Deadly

Fantastic (+ 6) Athletics
Superb (+ 5) Fight and Shoot
Great (+ 4) Notice and Resources
Good (+ 3) Physique and Provoke
Fair (+ 2) Empathy, Lore, and Will
Average (+ 1) Crafts, Stealth, Rapport

Killing Stroke. Once per scene when an enemy takes a consequence from one of her Fight attacks, Lady Scythe may pay a Fate point and force that enemy to up the consequence (Mild to Moderate, Moderate to Severe, Severe to a Severe and a Moderate).
Riposte. If Lady Scythe succeeds with style on a Fight defense, she can choose to inflict a 2-shift hit against the attacker instead of take a boost.
Danger Sense. When rolling to detect incoming danger, Lady Scythe’s Notice is not penalized for dim light or other negative conditions.
Whirlwind Strike. Once per scene, Lady Scythe may use Fight to attack everyone in her zone.

Physical 4, Mental 4

Refresh: 3



Class: Heavily Modified Dervish-Class Warframe
Flaw: Hard-To-Find Parts

Great (+ 4): Maneuverability
Good (+ 3): Armament
Fair (+ 2): Systems
Average (+ 1): Frame

Heavy Armor. Syn’s Frame counts as two higher when calculating Integrity.
Enhanced Melee Targetting. Syn’s Maneuverability counts as two higher only for the purpose of limiting its pilot’s Fight.
Superior Handling. Syn’s Maneuverability counts as two higher only for the purpose of limiting its pilot’s Athletics.
Death Blade. This warframe-sized sniper rifle has a large scythe blade that can pop out from the barrel, allowing Syn to attack with both Fight and Shoot with this weapon. When dealing Integrity stress, Syn’s pilot may spend a Fate point to force her victim to convert two of those stress (or one, if that’s all that got through), into a Mild consequence.

Integrity: 2


Lady Scythe

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