Nick Valkyrie

Commander of "Valkyrie's Vanguard"


Aspects: Valorous Commander of the Vanguards, Insecure About His Ability to Lead, “NEVER leave a man behind.”, Likes to Make a Show of It, Can’t Refuse a Challenge

Superb (+ 5): Physique
Great (+ 4): Fight
Good (+ 3): Athletics and Shoot
Fair (+ 2): Lore and Resources
Average (+ 1): Empathy, Rapport and WIll

Heavy Hitter. When Nick succeeds with style on a Fight attack and choose to reduce the result by one to gain a boost, he gains a full situation aspect with a free invocation instead.
Tactical Mind. When rolling Lore to place an aspect on a battle that is tactical in nature, Nick gains + 2 to the roll.
Take the Blow. Nick can use Physique to defend against Fight attacks made with fists or blunt instruments, but still takes 1 shift of stress on a tie.
Tough as Nails. Once per session, Nick can spend a Fate point and reduce the severity of a moderate, physical consequence to a mild consequence, or erase a mild consequence all together.

Physical 4 (Extra Mild consequence), Mental 3

Refresh: 3


Class: Heavy Variant Immortal-Class Warframe
Flaw: Cumbersome

Great (+ 4): Frame
Good (+ 3): Armament
Fair (+ 2): Maneuverability
Average (+ 1): Systems

Heavy Armor. Thunder’s Frame is treated as two higher for the purpose of determining Integrity.
Thick Plating. Once per session, Thunder’s pilot may spend a Fate point to reduce a moderate consequence to a mild, or negate a mild consequence all together.
Thunderwave. Thunder releases a massive burst of electricity that explodes out in a sphere around him. Once per scene, for a Fate point, Thunder makes an Armament attack against all mecha in its zone, defended against with Systems.

Integrity: 2 (with an extra Mild consequence)


Nick Valkyrie

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