Totem Pilot


Aspects: Spiritual Freedom Fighter, Doesn’t Always Play Well With Others, Duty to My People, Uncanny Intuition, Haunted by Failure

Great (+ 4) Athletics
Good (+ 3) Fight and Notice
Fair (+ 2) Craft, Shoot, and Stealth
Average (+ 1) Empathy, Lore, Provoke, and Will

Stunts: Hardcore Parkour. Rocky has + 2 to overcome actions with Athletics if you are in a chase across rooftops or a similarly precarious environment. Lore-Specialist: Spirits Rocky gains + 2 on any Lore roll when it involves his knowledge of spirits. Danger Sense. Rocky has an almost preternatural ability to detect danger. His Notice skill is unimpeded by conditions or impairments when someone intends him harm.


Physical 2, Mental 3

Refresh: 2


Fusion of wolf spirit and machine, near millennia ago. Designed to be a a guardian of Rocky’s people. The Totems were lost after the victory of Faullnous. The legends say that they would sleep until the Dark Day they would be needed again. Ferros-Vuc is strong, swift and noble. There is a ferocity though when it comes to the people he protects. If not for Rocky, then an unstopable savgery could be unleashed.

Class: Spirit Guided Totem
Flaw: “It needs a human touch.”
Great (+ 4) Maneuverability
Good (+ 3) Systems
Fair (+ 2) Frame
Average (+ 1) Armament

Stunts: Energy Claws. When striking a target with Fight and they take a consequence, Ferros-Vuk’s pilot may spend a fate point to force them to up the consequences severity by a level. Wolf-Like Reflexes. When attempting to create and advantage against an opponent using Athletics, Ferros-Vuk’s pilot gains + 2 to the roll. Pounce. Ferros-Vuk gains + 2 when its pilot is attempting to create an advantage on an enemy by grappling them. Howl at the Moon. When triggering this ability, Ferros-Vuk lets out a primal howl that is a combination of constantly shifting electronic screams and static. It scrambles all nearby electronic systems. Once per scene, the warframe’s pilot may use Systems to create an advantage all enemy warframes in the same zone. This attack is defended against with Systems as well.

Integrity 1


One of the last of his people. Their planet nearly destroyed and their people hunted to near extinction. He is a Shepard for his people, although he doesn’t want to take the role. Rocky comes from a people who beliefs in science and the spiritual metaphysical are equal. There is no denying that on his home world there have been sights that cannot be explained in the strictest scientific form. Rocky has searched for the lost totems. A fusion of spirit and soul, performed almost a millennia ago by his people. The Totems are the lost guardians for his people. The wolf Totem found him. Rocky’s journey is one to free his people, reclaim their world, and destroy the oncoming enemy storm.


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